Maitri Tamarindo

We believe that quality time is the most precious commodity there is. As such, our hope is that Maitri will become a much-loved second home for many families and couples who can enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer in a comfortable and hassle-free setting.


Maitri Tamarindo

We believe that quality time is the most precious commodity there is. As such, our hope is that Maitri will become a much-loved second home for many families and couples who can enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer in a comfortable and hassle-free setting.


The Maitri Vision

When we first envisioned Maitri, we wanted to create something special for families. We had personally experienced the difficulty of traveling with young children and finding suitable accommodation. We soon discovered that most holiday homes did not provide everything we needed, and we often had to compromise on comfort and space. So, we decided to build something better.

The Meaning Behind the Name
In choosing a name for our development, we wanted to represent the essence of our vision. After much thought and consideration, we elected to go with Maitri. Maitri is a Sanskrit word that means “loving-kindness”, “amity”, or “friendliness”. 

Four Virtues of the Heart
The names for the Villas need to encapsulate the atmosphere and experience of staying in them. These are qualities of the heart and the foundation for all states of mind: love, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.


Maitri, or "loving-kindness," is the wish for all beings to be happy. It is the foundation of limitless love. Maitri allows us to relate to ourselves with acceptance, patience ,and tenderness. It's what we hope our guests will feel — a sense of warmth, love, and welcome


Karuna is compassion, or showing sympathy and understanding towards others. Karuna arises from a deep understanding that we are all interconnected, having the willingness to take action by lending a helping hand. We hope our guests will feel cared for, supported, and inspired.


Mudita, or "sympathetic joy," is the happiness we feel in response to the good fortune of others. When we feel mudita, we're also more likely to act generously toward others. We hope that our guests will feel mudita for those around them.


Upeksha, or "equanimity," is the quality of balance and detachment that allows us to respond to difficult situations with wisdom and compassion. When you stay with us, we hope you will experience this sense of peace and calm. Let go of your stress and worries and simply enjoy

Villa Features 12X

The Maitri Experience

Wifi 6 & Wired Ethernet

Wifi throughout the property. Wired ethernet at your desk and for TV streaming

Property-wide Water Filtration

All water in the villa is filtered with particle filters, UV filters, and water softeners.

Private Heated Pluge Pool

Plunge pool on your private deck with an awesome waterfall! Pools are heated on windy days or when there is too much shade

Private Outdoor Deck

Private deck with seating for 6 in every Villa.

A/C & Fans In Every Room

Can't sleep without AC? We got you covered. Ceiling fans are also installed in every room for your comfort

Bedroom Blackout Shades

Sleep all you want with our blackout shares in every bedroom

Glass safety

We installed 4+4mm laminated glass for safety and soundproofing. All glass is tempered for safety!


Actively monitored perimeter cameras on site, while maintaining full privacy for our guests

Access - No More Keys

We installed bracelet/card NFC access control throughout the property.

Common Area

A large outdoor seating area common to all Villas for all to enjoy

LED TV & Kids Toys

Kids entertainment & toys for ages 2-8

Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

Enjoy the gardens & Fresh breeze while taking a hot or cold shower

Advanced Technology

A lot of time and effort went into the technology design at the Villas. We know remote work, so implemented only the top of the line equipment from Ubiquity

Wifi 6 Mesh Access Points

5.3 Gbps aggregate throughput rate. Newest WiFi 6 support (2.4/5 GHz bands) throughout the property!

Enterprise-Grade Security Gateways

Our routers are beasts! Quad Core ARM Cortex-A57 @ 1.7 GHz, 8GB DDR Ram, Realtime intrusion detection & Firewall

Secured NFC Access Control

Never worry about keys again. Surf worry-free with our NFC waterproof bracelets for Door, Property & Excusive Beach-club access

Wired Connectivity for TVs & Laptops

Wireless is great, but wired is even better. With a 1Gbit wired connection in every every room, there is no interrupted streaming

Real-time Security Cameras

Non-intrusive security cameras to monitor the perimeter in real-time while keeping to strict privacy for our guests.

ISP Redundency & UPS

We employ Cable & Fiber connections from 2 ISPs for fail-over & load balancing. In case of power failure we have a UPS backup for access and internet

The Beauty in Architecture of Maitri

See the beauty through Architecture

At our villas, communication is expressed through architectural beauty. Our goal is to create a sense of calmness and peace, harmonizing with nature, allowing you to unwind the moment you step inside.

Nature meets comfort

Every room, bathroom and garden has natural light and greenery to create the Costa Rican atmosphere you expect!

Design That Isn't Boring!

We aim to create an immersive experience that goes beyond just having a place to stay. Every aspect of Maitri has been carefully curated to provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. From the luxurious furnishings to the tranquil surroundings, every detail has been considered to ensure a truly unforgettable stay. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and rejuvenate your senses with a stay at Maitri.

The Experience of Indoor/Outdoor Living

Experience the nature living of Costa Rica yet have all the comforts of home. To accomplish this, we made sure that the outdoor area and indoor areas are seamless with floor-to-ceiling doors and windows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. Or send us a message if you cannot find the answer below.

Yes! we do organize transfers, easy pick up and drop on the request of guests with our private drivers. The price will be around $100-$350 for private shuttles depending on the airport (LIR & SJO) you choose, and the size of the vehicle as well as passengers. You can also get share ride with an affordable price. 

In all of our Maitri Villas Check-in time starts at 4:00 pm, and check out before 10:00 am. Keep in mind that smoking is not allowed inside the property (Only Terrace/Balcony can be used for smoking),  no loud music after 9 pm, don’t bring extra people without registration. More details and Check-in instructions will be provided upon booking. 

No, Pets are not allowed on the property

Well, the booking of a Maitri Villa is easy and can be done online. If you need any help with your booking or have some questions you can speak to our specialist and finalize your booking. You will receive confirmation mail with more details prior to your booking. 

We are located in central Tamarindo near the night market, And all our villas are located within a 10-minute walk from the beach.

Amenities include: exclusive beach-front club access, property-wide water filtration, private plunge pools, private outdoor decks, 2x 200mbit internet, 55″ Inch TVs, indoor/outdoor bathrooms, keyless entry, large common area with seating

Maitri is located right in the quiet residential area with a 5 min walk to center of Tamarindo, 5 minute walk to the night market  and an 8 minute walk to the beach!

Early check-in is possible please inquire

We built Maitri with families, couples, and digital nomads in mind to offer the ultimate experience in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Our vision is to offer guests a home where stress and anxiety are melted away. A home where kids can play and parents relax. A place that is never boring. We want to bring forward your positive emotions, creativity, and well-being by providing you with a home away from home.